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Over the past several years, major banks have been exposed for engaging unfair and deceptive overdraft fee practices. These practices, which are usually undisclosed, cause customers to incur repeated overdrafts with hefty fees. Through litigation, the banks have been compelled to return hundreds of millions of dollars to their customers. The banks have also been forced to scale back their efforts to engineer illegal overdrafts.

Despite cultivating the image of a more customer-friendly alternative to banks, credit unions have increasingly turned to overdraft fees as a lucrative profit center. Terrell Marshall Law Group is investigating complaints against credit unions for engaging in many of the same unfair and deceptive overdraft-fee practices of banks. If you bank with a credit union and have recently experienced overdraft fees on your account, please call our firm at (855) 349-7023 or fill out the form below to have an attorney review your situation and determine whether the credit union violated the law. This conversation is confidential and free of charge.

Curious about our firm? TMLG has earned a reputation for national excellence, and our attorneys are routinely recognized for their outstanding work. As a team, we have successfully litigated significant civil cases in Washington and throughout the country. Please visit our practice areas to learn more about our experience. Terrell Marshall is currently handling an overdraft fee case; please find the Amended Complaint here.

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