Mission Statement

Terrell Marshall is committed to promoting diversity and equality by actively recruiting diverse candidates in the legal field and supporting anti-racism work in our community. Diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism are our fundamental values and are integral to the law we practice at Terrell Marshall. The firm’s Diversity Committee is dedicated to proposing, developing, and implementing actions we can take to support diversity and inclusion inside and outside our firm. We will continue to challenge inequities and pursue work that aligns with our core values of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

Current Actions

  • Dedicate time to pro bono and other public interest work focused on cases that benefit people of color—especially Black and Indigenous people
  • Provide paid time to encourage employees to combat police violence and other forms of systemic racism outside the workplace, including paid time for legal observing at Black Lives Matter protests and for poll protection work
  • Actively recruit diverse candidates for our hiring and internship pool
  • Contribute to targeted scholarships for diverse students interested in the legal field