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Litigation Pertaining to Autism-Related Services Resolved

April 5, 2018

For Immediate Release:


Litigation pertaining to autism-related services resolved

Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. and a purported class of Indiana health care plan members have reached an agreement to resolve their dispute regarding Anthem’s coverage for autism-related services.

Plaintiffs alleged that Anthem wrongly denied them coverage for ABA therapy to treat their autism spectrum disorders. They brought their claims both as individuals and on behalf of a class of similarly situated individuals in Indiana. Anthem denies the allegations brought in the lawsuit.

The parties are pleased to reach a resolution that ensures that Anthem members continue to receive the support they need. As part of its commitment to those members and the community, and consistent with all the parties’ desire to move forward and in order to resolve the claims brought by the class, Anthem agreed to a monetary payment and will not use guidelines relating to coverage for ABA therapy based solely on an individual’s age.