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Department of Justice

March 14, 2016

Justice Department Urges Fairness in Court Policies Targeting the Poor

Officials at the Department of Justice are calling on chief justices and court administrators to root out unconstitutional policies, warning against operating courthouses as for-profit ventures. In …

August 28, 2013

US Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest in Indigent Defense Lawsuit

The US Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed a statement of interest in the case of Wilbur et al. v City of Mount Vernon et al. on August 14, 2013.  …

August 20, 2013

USDOJ calls for binding workload controls as part of any resolution to federal suit against two Washington citie

Pleading the Sixth: A class action lawsuit pending before a federal court in Seattle, Washington, alleges the cities of Mt. Vernon and Burlington systematically deprive defendants facing …