The Seattle law firm of Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of FedEx delivery drivers who are paid by nominal employers that FedEx identifies as “Delivery Contractors.” The lawsuit alleges that FedEx is the drivers’ joint employer, and that the drivers are entitled to the same wage and hour protections as other FedEx employees. The lawsuit alleges that FedEx has engaged in a systematic scheme of wage and hour abuse against their drivers, including failing to pay drivers required overtime pay and failing to provide drivers required rest breaks and meal breaks. TMLG represents plaintiff Mitch Spencer on behalf of a proposed class of individuals who have performed services for FedEx in Washington as package pick-up and/or delivery drivers and have worked directly for a FedEx “Delivery Contractor” that had an Operating Agreement with FedEx. For more information about the lawsuit, please read the complaint

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