About this Case

TMLG filed two lawsuits against ABM Industries, Inc., Khadera v. ABM Industries, Inc. (“Khadera Matter”) and Simpson v. ABM Industries, Inc. (“Simpson Matter”). In both cases plaintiffs pursued claims on behalf of current and former ABM janitorial employees for unpaid straight time, overtime, and inadequate rest and meal periods.

Case Status

The parties have reached settlement in both the Khadera and Simpson matters and are currently seeking settlement approval in the Simpson Matter.  If the court approves the settlement in the Simpson Matter, Plaintiffs anticipate requesting approval of the settlement reached in the Khadera Matter in mid-September.  

By now, all potential class members in both cases should have received notice of the proposed settlements.  You received notice of the settlement in the Khadera Matter if you are a current or former ABM janitorial employee and previously sent in a form in which you “consented to join” the lawsuit as a plaintiff.  You received notice of the settlement in the Simpson Matter if you are a current or former ABM janitorial employee and did not previously “consent to join” in the Khadera Matter.  If you have not received a settlement notice, have a question regarding which action applies to you, or simply would like more information about the lawsuits, please call the number below.  Further information regarding the Simpson settlement is available at www.WAJanitorSettlement.com.

Important Dates

  • August 20, 2012: (Simpson Matter only) Deadline to opt out of class
  • September 6, 2012: (Simpson Matter only) Deadline to submit a claim

Case Contact Information

  • Phone: (Khadera Matter) 206.518.6228 or (Simpson Matter) 877.735.7729
  • Email: classactions@terrellmarshall.com
  • Address: (For Simpson Class Members Only) ABM Janitorial Claims Administrator c/o GCG P.O. Box 35010 Seattle, WA 98124-1010

Class Counsel