About this Case:

TMLG has filed suit on behalf of licensed real estate professionals against Brokerpriceopinion.com, Inc. and First Valuation, LLC to recover compensation for unpaid work performed. Plaintiffs Kathy Wornicki, Edward Laine, and proposed Class members evaluated the real estate on behalf of Defendants. Plaintiffs allege Defendants are obligated to pay them for their work, pursuant to their agreement. Defendants have, however, unlawfully refused to pay Plaintiffs and class members in accordance with these payment terms.

Case Status:

Plaintiffs filed the case in December 2013. Plaintiffs currently are conducting discovery in preparation for filing their motion for class certification.

Case Documents:

First Amended Class Action Complaint

Case Contact Information:

Phone: 206.518.6228

Email: Classactions@terrellmarshall.com

Class Counsel: