About this Case:

Terrell Marshall Law Group is pursuing a lawsuit against Knight Transportation to recover unpaid wages for employees who worked as drivers for Knight while residing in the state of Washington. Plaintiffs Kevin Helde, John Bodily, and Max Tena claim Knight has engaged in a common scheme of wage and hour violations, including failing to pay drivers for all of their work, failing to pay drivers for their rest breaks, and making unlawful deductions to the wages of drivers. The lawsuit is brought under Washington’s wage and hour laws, which ensure the fair treatment of workers. In 2013, the Court certified the case as a class action. As a result of that order, Plaintiffs and their attorneys represent the following class: All current and former employees of Knight Transportation who, at any time from June 18, 2008 to the present, worked as drivers while residing in the state of Washington and using Knight’s service center in Washington as their hometown location.

Case Status:

The parties have agreed to settle the Plaintiffs’ claims in this lawsuit for $1.45 million, not including attorneys’ fees and costs. The Court presiding over this case has issued a preliminary order approving a settlement that covers the Plaintiffs and Class Members in this case. The Court will decide whether the proposed settlement should be approved. Information regarding the proposed settlement is available here: www.heldevknightsettlement.com

Case Documents:

First Amended Class Action Complaint

Case Contact Information:

Phone: 206.518.6228

Email: Classactions@terrellmarshall.com

Class Counsel

  • Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC

Toby J. Marshall

Erika L. Nusser

  • Rehki & Wolk, P.S.

Hardeep S. Rekhi

Gregory S. Wolk