About this Case

A blogger who alleges she was deprived of earnings from her online content filed this class action lawsuit in King County Superior Court against Newsvine, Inc., a Seattle-based company and part of Comcast Corporation, a media empire with holdings in cable networks and communications, broadcast television, film, and more. Newsvine operates Newsvine.com, a web-based news and information site where bloggers post original content or content from other sources for discussion. Until recently, Newsvine bloggers earned 90 percent of ad revenues their content generated. But just around the time Comcast was completing its acquisition of Newsvine’s parent, NBCUniversal, the blogger alleges Newsvine retroactively terminated the ad earnings arrangement and refused to pay bloggers the earnings they had accrued. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of lead plaintiff Kathleen Wilkes, alleges breach of contract, violation of Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act, conversion, unjust enrichment and breach of an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Case Status

On February 20, 2015, the King County Superior Court granted final approval to a class action settlement reached in Wilkes v. Newsvine, Inc., King County Case No. 13-2-20979-9 SEA.

Questions or disputes about eligibility for payment or settlement amounts may be directed to nvmod@newsvine.com with the subject line “Class Action Payment Inquiry” and the Class Member’s first and last names. Newsvine will review the email, check for any mistakes in the Class Member’s eligibility or payment amount, and respond within a reasonable time. Newsvine will forward any questions or disputes from Class Members to Class Counsel and will also copy Class Counsel on any responses to such questions or disputes.

If you are had unpaid advertising revenue and/or referral earnings in your Newsvine account as of February 6, 2013, you are a potential member of the Class. Your rights are explained in the official Court Notice of Class Action Settlement, which you should read carefully.

This website is provided by Class Counsel as a service to members of the Class. Posted below are important documents, including the pleadings setting forth the basis for this lawsuit.

Important Dates

The deadline to submit a claim has passed.

Newsvine will issue checks to qualified claimants by June 22, 2015.

Case Contact Information

Case Documents

Court Notice of Class Action Settlement

Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class action Settlement

Settlement Agreement

Class Action Complaint

Order Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement

Class Counsel

  • Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC
  • Schroeter Goldmark Bender
    • Adam Berger
  • Kurzon, LLP
    • Jeffrey M. Kurzon