TMLG attorney Janay Ferguson leads the firm’s Water Law practice. Our focus is on proactive solutions, including using pre-litigation mediation to resolve issues without having to litigate. When crafting resolutions to problems, we encourage opposing parties and insurance companies to spend money on fixing the problem rather than going to court.

TMLG is involved from the onset of water issues through completion of the negotiation and/or litigation process. We guide clients through the claims process with municipalities as well as handle the sensitive communications between neighbors on opposite sides of many of these issues.

Our firm represents plaintiffs, defendants, private owners, neighborhood groups, homeowners’ associations, municipalities, private and public corporations, and developers. We have brokered landslide remediations with diverse groups representing, at one time or the other, every possible party to such a dispute. We understand how to obtain fair coverage from insurance companies in water and landslide related matters. Pre-litigation negotiations are a specialty that has often led to quick resolutions of water law problems. However, if litigation is necessary, we are tough but fair and have been successful in both trial and appellate courts.

TMLG attorneys understand the technical issues that underlie many water law issues. Well-versed in the language and literature of geology, hydrology, and civil engineering, TMLG water law attorneys have long-established relationships with the top experts in these fields.

We have repeatedly been the choice of other lawyers to handle their personal water related issues. Many of our referrals come from attorneys throughout the state who choose us after performing extensive “due diligence” for their valued clients. In municipal matters, we have provided counsel in a manner that solves repeat issues rather than giving piecemeal advice that continues the expensive litigation merry-go-round.

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